College Preparation

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Preparation for outstanding colleges and seminaries

Every fall, our 10th and 11th graders take the PSAT exam. In late winter of grade 11 we send home information explaining the SAT/ACT testing programs and schedules.

We recommend that students begin exploring colleges and seminaries starting in spring of their 11th grade and take the tests through fall/winter of grade 12. With advice and assistance from our staff, they can then complete their applications.

We're very proud that this year 100% of our graduates chose to spend a gap year of intense Jewish learning at seminaries in Israeli seminaries including:

Tomer Devora
Darchei Bina
Ateres Bais Yaakov
Kesser Chaya
Bais Yaakov Intensive
Midreshet Tehilla
Binas Bais Yaakov
B'nos Sarah
Machon Maayan

(Perhaps that's why so many seminaries choose Providence as a stop on their recruitment trips to America.) We also visit our graduates at their schools in Israel to see firsthand how they're doing.

Our graduates then go on to universities such as Columbia, Brandeis, NYU and Xavier, as well as colleges including Stern, Touro, and Thomas Edison.

NEAT graduates attending seminaries often receive one year of college credit, so that their year of intense Jewish study counts as their first year in college.