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Excellent Teachers Make a Big Difference

After parents, nobody influences how young women grow up than teachers who can nurture their self-esteem, foster their intellectual curiosity, and inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Giving your daughter a meaningful education is a tremendous responsibility, and at NEAT, we take the commandment to “teach them diligently to your children” (Deuteronomy 6:7) very, very seriously.

Part – but only part – of this commitment is maintaining small class size, with four to 15 students per class. Smaller classes let our reachers treat each girl as a unique individual, to recognize and strive to meet her individual needs, and to help her achieve her highest potential.

The other, and even more important part, is our teachers themselves:

  •     Over 80% of our faculty members have more than 10 years of teaching experience.
  •     Many of have earned Masters or other postgraduate degrees.
  •     All General Studies teachers have earned university degrees.
  •     All Judaic Studies teachers have earned rabbinic, university or seminary degrees from prestigious teacher- and rabbinic-training institutions throughout the United States and Israel.
  •     In addition to their subjects, NEAT faculty members are trained to recognize each student's strengths, build self-esteem, and encourage her to reach her maximum potential.
  •     NEAT places significant emphasis on professional development, through curriculum consultation in Math and English; full-day staff in-service meetings for all Judaic faculty; attending regular staff meetings, professional conventions, and similar professional growth opportunities.
  •     Communication with your daughter's teachers is by no means limited to annual parent-teacher nights. Throughout the school year, your daughter's teachers will communicate with you frequently, treating you as a member of the “learning team,” and welcoming your involvement.