Our Mission

young ladies together

Preparation for college, career and fulfilling Jewish life

New England Academy of Torah, NEAT, is an Orthodox Girls Jewish High School affiliated with Torah Umesorah, the National Council of Hebrew Day Schools.

Our main goals in Judaic Studies are to inspire our students to love and revere G-d; to study Torah and be motivated to follow its laws, customs, and traditions; to strive for the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior; and to be sensitive to the needs of Jews and non-Jews in America and throughout the world. We also provide our students with active programming that promotes their development as true Bnos Yisroel.

Our goals in General Studies include offering our students a strong college prep high school program. In our humanities and math/science courses, we encourage our students to integrate and apply their learning, in order to become our young leaders of tomorrow.

One of the most important elements of our philosophy is that each student has unique talents and abilities that must be recognized. The school provides a variety of opportunities, both in the classroom and through special activities, to help each student reach her maximum potential. Opportunities exist for both enrichment and remediation.

Our goal of being a “child-centered” school that looks at the whole child requires us to always strive for greater heights. We provide ongoing opportunities that afford individualized learning opportunities for students. We encourage teachers’ professional growth in order to implement this model of excellence. Our school puts special emphasis on creating a warm, relaxed, and safe atmosphere that motivates our students to learn and enjoy their studies. The school promotes an environment of open and honest communication, where there is nurturing, and trust among our students, teachers, parents, and administration.

New England Academy of Torah, NEAT, has a tremendous commitment to the personal and academic growth of all of its students, and its expectations for student achievement and learning reflect that commitment.

Commitment to Excellence:

  •     Exposure to experienced, inspirational Rabbeim and Moros
  •     Intensive Judaic Studies and Hebrew Language Program
  •     Stellar secular academic studies
  •     Dedicated professional faculty who combine quality instructions with concern for the “whole” student
  •     Counseling for post-high school placement
  •     Guidance for academic and personal concerns
  •     Remediation and enrichment provided as needed