two students in classroom

Enrolling your Daughter

At New England Academy of Torah, we strive to make the admissions process as easy as possible:

  1.     You start by downloading the admission application, filling it out, and sending it to us.
  2.     Please also download two confidential reference forms [NOTE: While Section VI of the application form is for references, it makes no provision for separate comments from, or confidentiality between, each referrer. If there's a separate reference form, it needs to be posted for downloading on the website], have the two references complete them, and return them to us.
  3.     Have your daughter tell us about herself and why she'd like to attend NEAT in an essay no more than 500 words long.
  4.     Make an appointment for your daughter to spend a day attending classes at NEAT and for you to be interviewed by a member (or members) of our administration.
  5.     Download, fill in, and sign the request for transcript, then give it to your daughter's present school so they can send her records to us.
  6.     We academically screen students entering Grades 9 through 12 to make sure that the school has the resources to meet their needs. Based on the previous school records and the screening, we may require additional testing.
  7.     We require a deposit for the registration fee along with your daughter's application and school records, but hold the deposit until she's enrolled.
  8.     On acceptance, parents are required to sign the school’s contract agreeing to abide by the school’s principles and ideals.
  9.     Once all parental financial obligations have been satisfied, your daughter is officially admitted.