Parent Involvement

group of parents

The most important educator in your daughter's life is you.

We value and welcome parents as essential partners in their daughters' education.

As a parent, you shoulder the tremendous responsibility of assuring your daughter the highest quality education possible, and taking an active role in her high school education is part of it.

New England Academy of Torah strongly believes in communication between the school and parents. So as a NEAT parent, your role in your daughter's education goes far beyond our annual parent-teacher conference nights. Her teachers communicate with you frequently, consider you part of the “learning team,” and welcome your ongoing involvement.

Our NEAT parent committee led by Mrs. Tzipora Purec works with the NEAT administration to maintain open school-parent communication, to address the students' educational, social, and religious needs, and to help the school improve and grow. Your involvement, ideas, comments, questions, and volunteer efforts are always welcome.