students singing

New England Academy of Torah is located in the center of the East Side of Providence. New England Academy of Torah has been at the forefront of education in our community providing over 50 years of education to the local residents of Rhode Island. Our graduates achieve the highest standards of excellence and attend prestigious schools such as Maimonides Academy in Boston, Yeshiva University High School, Westchester Hebrew High School, as well as the finest yeshivos in Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Israel. Rabbi’s and educators in all of these schools rave about the high academic standard of preparedness in Torah and General Studies, their midos – refined character, and their sense of responsibility for the community. This sense of responsibility is based on the active volunteerism that our students see. Many of our families and parents are involved as board members in the local Jewish Alliance of RI, local Synagogues, Mikvah, Nshei Chesed, Chevra Kadisha, and more. It is not uncommon to see members of our extended family joining together to make phone calls on Super Sunday or volunteering at many Federation events. Our students visit the sick, perform in local nursing homes, and perform at local Alliance events thereby gaining admiration and appreciation for the rich diversity of Jewish life.

The school serves as a Jewish educational center for the youth and adults of our community. By partnering with Providence Community Kollel, Congregation Beth Sholom, and other local shuls, the minyan features three Adult Education Shabbatonim each year. These Shabbatonim provide the community with high quality lectures on topics such as parenting, Discovery, Science, and the Torah, the High Holidays and more. We have featured noted speakers Rabbis Yerachmiel Milstein, Baruch Yehuda Gradon, Yaakov Feitman, Motty Berger, Sholom Hammer, Maimon Elbaz, Daniel Mechanic, and many more. These rabbonim bring a special new dynamic of Torah learning that allows members of the community the opportunity to grow in Torah learning regardless of their prior knowledge or level of observance.Our school also hosts Ahava catering, a local caterer under the supervision of Rhode Island Kosher. The school facilities and our party hall are available for any and all of your functions by contacting Rabbi Scheinerman at the school on 401-331-5327 #21.

Many school parents, alumni, or community members serve on the executive committee, education committee, budget and finance committee, personnel committee, fundraising committee, and the PTF. These and many other committees allow parents and community members to share their expertise and to assist the school. Please feel free to contact the school with any questions that you may have.